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Q: Why does a man deeply opposed to so-called "performance enhancing" drugs start a website called I JUICE?

A: Steroids have no place in sports. Employing the acronym I JUICE, I Just Use Intense Controlled Exercise, will bring awareness to proper training and the quest for optimal performance.

Dr. Peter G. Gorman graduated from New York Chiropractic College in April, 1980, and has been in clinical practice as well as training athletes for nearly 30 years.

Dr. Gorman holds 6 US and one Canadian patent for wireless heart rate monitoring. Through this extensive work with patents and with his clinical experience, the idea of just using intense controlled exercise for optimal performance evolved.

Using heart rate monitor technology to control prescribed training zones, Dr. Gorman has trained athletes both, on the national, and on the world stage.


Pictured here:
Dr. Gorman sitting in front of his
911 memorial.
(Photo by Rose.)

Dr. Gorman

No matter what your sport or athletic event, your goals can only be achieved through hard work. There are no shortcuts to greatness.

Americans have grown used to an ever-increasing pace of life. Technology has enabled us to take shortcuts and expect instant results. In the world of sports, the trend is similar. Some advances in training and nutrition have led to phenomenal results. Others, unfortunately, have been purely destructive. Enter anabolic steroids and the asterisk of shame. Whether players were influenced by fans screaming for longer homers, a loss of confidence, or the desire to be great, the steroid era is well documented. 

The word “JUICE” has become the slogan for this dark side of sport. However, casting blame on those who have cheated in the unrestricted past is harmful to the player and the game. 

This is where the I JUICE mission resides. By discussing training techniques and Just Using Intense Controlled Exercise as the core to a proper program, “JUICE” will be reshaped into an inspiring sign of athletic dignity. 

I JUICE and the I JUICE team members (Via our blog), will assist players in their pursuit of optimal performance. We hope that everyone will share their ideas. As knowledge is gained, confidence will grow.  No matter what game life presents, we will all be better prepared. 

By accepting the pledge and joining the IJUICE team, players will bring honor to true effort. “I Juice” and I am proud.