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Congratulations to microgate
on their initial US release of their OptoJump productoptojump

OptoJumpNext is a state-of-the-art, precise, biomechanical system of evaluation. This system is already used extensively in Europe by such renown teams as AC Milan, Real Madrid, Olympic Training Center in Frankfurt, Germany, and others. The advantages to OptoJumpNext are immediately recognized and employed. By accurately measuring contact time, efficacy of training programs can be immediately decided, and rehabilitation treatment outcomes can be instantly calibrated and quantified. Literally step-by-step, you can insure that your athlete is headed to optimal performance through biomechanical efficiency.

The basic OptojumpNext evaluation is not so basic. Typical setup includes 2x video cameras (sagital and lateral), 10 meters of track, connected to a computer for evaluation.


1) 2-LEGGED UPRIGHT STANCE – Check for pronation, supination; note any deviation of shift of the body on the sagital or lateral plane.

2) 2-LEGGED SQUAT JUMP – Accurately mark joint angles for mechanical efficiency. Vertical jump is analyzed; by adding body weight, power can be calculated. Deviations of foot strike on landing are noted; rotations can be calculated and analyzed.

3) REACTION TIME – calculated precisely to 1/1000 second. As optimal performance is pursued, improved reaction time is noted. The reverse is also true: reaction time will slow with overtraining or a sub-clinical injury. (Before injury sets in, preventive measures can be employed.)

4) BILATERAL ONE-LEGGED JUMPS – Each side is compared for power and stiffness.

5) ADDED MOTION – acceleration, deceleration, laterals left and right, twist and go,
cone drills, hurdles, etc., are all easily analyzed. All muscle involvement due to these motions can be extrapolated.

6) FATIGUE ABILITY – Due to its portable nature and ease of use, analysis can be performed over time.
Make passing through the OptoJumpNext part of your training drills and you can analyze fatigue/vs gait.

7) ALL THIS CAN BE DONE ON ANY SURFACE – including ice – providing real time analysis on actual playing surfaces.

OptoJumpNext, changing the way we analyze sports training...one step at a time.